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The L’Arche Canada Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that raises funds on behalf of L’Arche Canada and is committed to transforming the lives of intellectually disabled people in communities across Canada.


The Impact of L'Arche on Families

“How will my child find her way in the world? Who will love and care for my son after I am gone?” These are the spoken and unspoken questions of all families who have a child or a sibling with an intellectual disability. L’Arche impacts the lives of thousands of family members across Canada who have someone in L’Arche. In turn, L’Arche celebrates the many ways families help to make L’Arche the best it can be.

Marie—22 years of joy, peace, trust, friendship

Last January, our daughter Marie celebrated 22 years at L’Arche L’Etoile in Quebec. What a beautiful party she had, a supper with her “gang,” as she so affectionately calls those she lives with in her house!

“Mom, I didn’t call today because I didn’t have time.” I can assure you that, for us when Marie says this, we are not offended or saddened. Rather we are happy since it confirms to us that Marie likes the life and activities at L’Arche so much that she is able to let go of us. Twenty-two years of joy, peace, trust, smiles, friendship–what more can one ask for!

We thank L’Arche – this community milieu where each person is important and receives respect and is listened to. And more specifically, we thank each one who has accompanied our daughter over all these years and has taken responsibility for this beautiful person of whom we are so proud.

- Gaston and Nicole Perreault


Ali, Much Loved

impact My beloved daughter Alia had progressive multiple disabilities that meant it was impossible to care for her at home after her mother passed away.

I am deeply grateful that she was able to live out her teen and adult life at L’Arche Daybreak, amid people who loved her and, in many sensitive and creative ways, made her life rich. Alia loved music and motion, such as twirling in her wheelchair, and she became an important member of the Spirit Movers dance troupe. The Community sought to learn about Alia’s Muslim faith traditions and to support her in this way. When I brought Alia home for family or religious occasions, the assistants ensured Alia was beautifully dressed.

As Alia’s health declined over her last years, the Community members gave unstinting care and sensitive support. With myself and my family they grieved her loss deeply and continue to treasure her memory.

As for myself, I have continued my relationship with L’Arche Daybreak visiting sometimes and helping on a committee as I am able.

- Yahya Qureshi


Brad, An Important Life

Brad left home when he turned eighteen. This was what we had hoped for and it so happened that there was a place for him in the second home that L’Arche Lethbridge opened. For Brad to be able to go to a L’Arche community, and in our city no less, was a very positive “stepping out.”

Brad has been with L’Arche for twelve years now, and he has a mission. It is obvious he has a big role to play in his home and in the L’Arche community. When he answers the phone, he says the name of his house and his name in the same sentence in an upbeat tone of voice that communicates pride and belonging. He has travelled to other communities and to gatherings as a representative of his community. He knows, at some level, that he is important.

We are deeply grateful to L’Arche for this gift of purposeful living that Brad has. He will always have a place to call home.

- Don Flaig and Adele