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The L’Arche Canada Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that raises funds on behalf of L’Arche Canada and is committed to transforming the lives of intellectually disabled people in communities across Canada.


The Impact on El Arca de Mexico

L’Arche Canada congratulates El Arca de México on their move to a new home in Mexico city. We are happy to provide financial support for this important, new chapter in the life of their community

The Mexican community, El Arca de México, put its first roots down in the eastern part of Mexico City in Iztapalapa District, more than 30 years ago. The neighborhood was very welcoming towards the community and deep friendships with neighbours have grown up over the years.

However, during the last few years, we have had to recognise that the great local restrictions on the community’s potential for growth. The reason is twofold: a question around security, and an issue of difficult access due to heavy road traffic.

Thanks both to the generosity of donors and the hard work of the community members, El Arca de México (L’Arche Mexico) has now moved to a new house as of the start of January 2017. This is located in the region of Colonia San Pedro Martir in Delegacion Tlalpan, in the south-western suburbs of Mexico City.

The photos posted on their Facebook page bear witness to the joy and commitment of each, as they embrace this new exciting adventure. Their energy and talents knows no bounds! In this spirit, they are delighted to invite you into their new home, offering a joyful welcome to all-comers.

For more information about L'Arche around the world, visit : http://www.larche.org.



On El Arca de México

L’Arche Canada congratulates El Arca de México on their move to a new home in Mexico city. We are happy to provide financial support for this important, new chapter in the life of their community

The Impact of L'Arche on People with Disabilities

All over the world, L’ Arche welcomes people who often are at great risk and in need of important care. In poorer countries, most of them come from the streets. In Canada, young adults will come to L'Arche after high school, eager to begin adult life. Others come when caring parents are ill or have died. All are supported to grow to their full potential. They discover a new family and happiness in L’Arche and they know they are welcomed to make L'Arche their home for life.  Kim meeting Jean Vanier for the first time in 2009 In Kim's Words Don't talk to strangers, people that you don't know. Was I stranger when I walked in here? I guess everyone starts off as a stranger, tries to figure out what they’re doing and get to know the place. L'Arche—it was a strange place. Everybody was a stranger at that time. I didn't even talk. Now, it's a good place. New place, you have to get used to things. Living together now--there's more support that way. You get used to the house first, then gradually get used to the community. Go out for dinner and get to know the community better. Then you get into things you never dreamed of doing--like dancing, doing crafts, being on the council, altar serving, mentoring, going to yoga from 7 to 8pm on Wednesdays. This is my dream home! Jesus says go into all the world. That's a commandment. Just go to the places where you like to be. You'll meet new people. You'll get to know people you never dreamed of meeting. You'll get somewhere. By Kim Lageer and Janna Payne, L'Arche Daybreak

The Impact of L'Arche on Aging and Disability

You may be a family member, a friend, caregiver or health practitioner of someone with a disability who is aging and becoming more fragile and dependent. L'Arche offers wisdom and practical tools to face the challenge of aging with grace and dignity.  

The Impact of L'Arche on Families

“How will my child find her way in the world? Who will love and care for my son after I am gone?” These are the spoken and unspoken questions of all families who have a child or a sibling with an intellectual disability. L’Arche impacts the lives of thousands of family members across Canada who have someone in L’Arche. In turn, L’Arche celebrates the many ways families help to make L’Arche the best it can be.

The Impact of L'Arche on Young Leaders

Since L’Arche’s inception several hundred thousand young people have come to L’Arche communities around the world as assistants, to live with, care for, and build relationships with those who have an intellectual disability. They have become better people because of L’Arche. Many have found themselves transformed. Through their relationships with people who have intellectual disabilities they have discovered at a much deeper level who they are and how they would like to contribute to our world. They have grown into fully mature adults, able to face and grow through the challenges of life and to give leadership in many different fields.

The Impact of L'Arche on Professional Lives

One of the little known but powerful dimensions of L’Arche is its impact on the women and men who spend time in a L’Arche community as assistants. L'Arche has shaped the personal and professional lives of thousands of young people who take learning and wisdom from L’Arche into all walks of life. A far-flung network carries L’Arche values into careers around the world.