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Transforming Lives, Transforming Society
The L’Arche Canada Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that raises funds on behalf of L’Arche Canada and is committed to transforming the lives of intellectually disabled people in communities across Canada.

Please take a few moments right now to think
about people with intellectual disabilities.


They are the “forgotten people” – easily dismissed and put aside by our society. But, they are among the most vulnerable members of our society. And, they have important gifts to offer us.
I’ve met too many parents of a child with an intellectual disability that have to ask “How do I give my child the very best chance for a fulfilling life – I don’t have the tools?” And then at some point they also have to ask “What happens to my child when I’m no longer around to provide support, direction and care?”
Every time I hear these questions it breaks my heart.
Thankfully, with caring supporters like you by our side, L’Arche is there.  And together, we have a message for society:  People with intellectual disabilities are God’s treasures. They have unique gifts to contribute to family life and to society.
I’m so very grateful for your generosity.  Your support in the past has already helped us make a profound impact in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. And, this Easter, I hope you will partner with us again.
Your special gift of $X, $XX, $XXX, $XXXX or whatever you wish to give will help fund critical programs that build self-esteem and transform lives.  It will say to society, “People with intellectual disabilities matter!”
I often think of a young man named Ryan who came to live at a L’Arche home after spending years at a provincial institution.  Ryan was given up by his parents when he was a young man.  You see, doctors and bureaucrats had convinced them it was what they had to do to give their son the best opportunity.
After years of unimaginable abuse and seclusion, Ryan came to live at a L’Arche home. When he arrived he was lonely and almost totally incommunicative.  He was frightened of people, fearing they would harm him like he had been hurt before.
Thanks to thoughtful supporters like you, L’Arche was there to provide Ryan with a home, a community, love, dignity and safety.
It took time but eventually Ryan emerged from his tortured past and began trusting his live-in Assistants at L’Arche. Together they discovered his gifts. Today he freely shares his artistic abilities in his creative arts workshops – not only through his own works but through helping others discover their artistic abilities.
Ryan is much more outgoing and an integral part of his home. He takes the lead in house duties and in the outings he enjoys so much. He’s even taken a part time job at the local theatre.
None of this would have been possible without the opportunities and love provided by L’Arche and your support.
But there are many others like Ryan who need the same opportunity to participate in L’Arche programs.  That’s why I’m turning to you during this blessed season.  I hope you’ll find it in your heart to reach out to individuals with intellectual disabilities and give them the chance to discover their own gifts and share them with society.
  • Your gift of $1,250 will fund six weeks of an arts and crafts program for an individual with an intellectual disability. 
  • Your donation of $209 will support a person like Ryan in an arts and crafts program for one week. 
  • Your gift of $42 will ensure someone can explore their creative side for one full day in a program.
L’Arche encourages everyone to value and journey with people with intellectual disabilities for they have special gifts to offer to our broken society.
You have answered our call and I am deeply grateful for your support.  And I hope I can count on you again today.  Your donation will help ensure those with intellectual disabilities can reach their full potential and show the world the many incredible gifts they have to give.

Many blessings this Easter and always,

Gary Sim
President and CEO