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The Globe and Mail on Jean Vanier: ''What we have to do is find the places of hope''

Jean Vanier created LíArche to nurture a different kind of life: one focused on connection rather than commerce. More than 50 years later, Ian Brown goes on a journey to understand how simply admitting our weaknesses can make us strong.

"I donít want to overamp this, but at the end of a long dark year Ė after Charlie Hebdo, the Paris massacre, San Bernardino, thousands murdered by terrorists in Africa and the Middle East, passenger planes blown out of the sky, unstoppable climate change, unprecedented rates of species extinction, 12,747 U.S. gun deaths (and counting) in a single year Ė I canít help wondering, and I donít think Iím the only one: Is this the way weíre going to live now? Surrounded by threats, terrified but resigned, exhausted but furious? Welcome to the holiday season. How are we supposed to proceed in this new, diminished normal? How do you get up and go to work and pay your bills and raise your children if you canít look forward to the future?"

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