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Transforming Lives, Transforming Society
The L’Arche Canada Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that raises funds on behalf of L’Arche Canada and is committed to transforming the lives of intellectually disabled people in communities across Canada.


A healthy society values each person’s contribution. L’Arche works to build a society where everyone – both the weak and the strong – has a meaningful place of belonging.


Vision 2015

The Campaign:

Vision 2015 is a three year funding plan to sustain and expand the work of Jean Vanier and L’Arche across Canada. It aims to create new L’Arche homes and programs across Canada; build the organizational capacity of L’Arche Canada; and change the way Canadians think about intellectual disability through education and advocacy.

The Story: Forging the Human Connection
Social and spiritual entrepreneur Jean Vanier made a personal commitment to live with two men who were severely intellectually disabled. In so doing he responded to their deepest need to “belong” by fusing friendship into care. L’Arche has replicated this experience tens of thousands of times over the past forty years and is a model for compassionate care throughout the world. It is simple and powerful. Everyone wins when we break down the barriers between the helper and the one being helped, and replace them with friendship.

The Vision: A Society Where Everyone Belongs
Thousands of Canadians, our most vulnerable, are at risk due to rejection and isolation. L’Arche Canada exists to change this. L’Arche sees a society where everyone belongs and is given the opportunity to make his or her unique contribution. L’Arche’s role is to pay attention to the needs and the gifts of people with an intellectual disability. 

The Impact: Transformed Lives
L’Arche transforms the lives of many people across Canada– people with an intellectual disability , their families and hundreds of young worker-interns each year who grow personally and as leaders through their L’Arche experience.