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Andrea lives a challenging life. She has an intellectual disability.

When Andrea was 19, her mother died. Andrea’s mother was her caregiver. Because Andrea could not live without her mother’s assistance, she was taken away from her family home, her neighbourhood and everything she knew.

Andrea was not given the opportunity to socialize, to develop, to find meaningful work. Andrea was not growing. Andrea was not developing the social skills humans need. Not only was Andrea sad and lonely, but she was sinking into depression.

It was at this time Andrea was introduced to L’Arche.

Over time, the L’Arche assistants supporting Andrea helped her discover her dreams, then set goals to realize them. Through the L’Arche Work Support Program, she was able to develop her skills and finally land her dream job at the local cinema.

Andrea learned social skills, coping skills and ultimately excelled at her job. Andrea was also loved by all her co-workers at the cinema, not only because of the charismatic person she had learned to become but because of her commitment to the job. Andrea loved her job and appreciated the opportunity. She even won employee of the month.

Andrea’s sadness and loneliness were replaced by the pride that came with achieving her potential and having meaningful employment. With the support of her L’Arche family and the L’Arche Work Support Program, Andrea felt fulfilled in her work – and her life – for the first time.

Andrea’s life was transformed – she was able to shine because there was a L’Arche Work Support Program to welcome her.

Every day, L’Arche is transforming the lives of people with intellectual disabilities — thanks to your generous support.

Your donation is helping L’Arche make a profound difference in the lives of these individuals. You are helping us transform lives.

Thank you for that.

Fifty-four years ago, Canadian humanitarian Jean Vanier bought a small house and welcomed two men with intellectual disabilities to live with him. His philosophy was, and still is, that people with intellectual abilities have gifts to offer us – but for us to discover that, they first need to be valued and accepted.

This thinking was revolutionary! And to a very large degree still is today! But, this was the beginning of L’Arche!

Today, L’Arche is in 37 countries around the world. In Canada alone, there are 200 L’Arche homes in 31 communities from sea to sea. And in every one of those countries, communities and homes L’Arche works diligently to ensure people with intellectual disabilities are accepted and that they have the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential in an accepting and dignified environment.

When I am asked about how L’Arche transforms lives, I often think of Andrea’s story…

A typical L’Arche Work Support Program such as the one in which Andrea participated, provides an individual assessment, skills training, job trials, job coaching, transition training for work colleagues and ongoing oversight.

This program is not funded by government – its success depends completely on the kindness of our donors.

This vital work program could make such a dramatic improvement in the quality of life of an individual with an intellectual disability. Here’s how you can help right now:

  • $1,236 will provide a work support program for one individual to participate for one month.
  • $312 will provide for one individual to participate for one week
  • $62 will provide for one individual to participate for one day.

L’Arche needs to provide more programs like this to more people in our communities across this country. I am hoping that you agree and will give generously in support of the work we do. Please take a few moments right now to complete the enclosed reply card and renew your wonderful support.

I am convinced that L’Arche is part of God’s work in the world and I thank you for joining with us in this work.

Please feel free to call me at (905) 770-7696 to discuss your support. Thank you for your time, your consideration and your generosity.

Many blessings,

Gary Sim
President and CEO