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It’s been Joanne’s dream ever since she was a little girl. “Since I was a kid in high school, I wanted to be an artist,” she says. Today, Joanne is getting the chance to nurture her dream and express herself creatively, despite her intellectual disability. A few days a week, she attends a L’Arche creative arts program. The program has helped Joanne gain confidence.
It’s filled her heart with pride.

Just recently, Joanne’s High School teacher came to visit a L’Arche art show. “Is that you?” she asked her former student. “It’s me!” Joanne replied, her face radiant with joy.
I wanted to share Joanne’s story with you at this time of year. After all, you helped make Joanne’s life better through your thoughtful support for L’Arche.
In a world where people with intellectual disabilites are marginalized, bullied and ridiculed, your generosity to L’Arche is transforming lives. It’s giving Joanne and others like her the chance to shine. L’Arche remains a lighthouse of hope for many people like Joanne in Canada and around the world.

Joanne loves living in a L’Arche home, where she receives the incredible support she needs to thrive. But Joanne is also shy with a tendency to keep to herself. The L’Arche creative arts program has helped to bring her out of her shell. Joanne has become more outgoing as she meets the many people who come to the program to make art, volunteer and see the art at the Open House.

In fact, Joanne has found a way to greet people and make them feel welcome. “Hello. What’s your name?” she asks. “You’re beautiful.”

Sharing Joanne’s story with you today, I’m reminded of what makes our creative arts programs so vital. They do much more than provide a safe and welcoming place for people with intellectual disabilities to express their creativity. Our programs give them the opportunity to make new friends, grow as people and live a full life.

That’s why your gift this fall is so important. It will help us improve the quality of life for more people who call L’Arche home.

Many people, including Joanne, tell us how wonderful our L’Arche homes are. But ensuring they have a supportive place to live is just the beginning. We also need to offer programs that help nurture their entire being – their creativity, gentle spirit and caring heart.
Unfortunately, programs like this receive no government funding. They are entirely dependent on the generosity of friends like you. Can I count on you today?

  • Your gift of $1,235 will fund one entire month of a creative arts program for an individual with an intellectual disability.
  • Your gift of $308 will support a person with intellectual disabilities in a creative arts program for one week.
  • Your gift of $61.75 will ensure someone will enjoy a full day of a program like the creative arts programs

Our creative arts program has done so much for Joanne. It’s given her the chance to make both art and social connections. It’s helped her realize her dream to become an artist.