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Philip’s world has gotten a lot bigger since he came to L’Arche 6 years ago.

Phillip’s journey with us began in 2001, as his active participation in L’Arche Hamilton’s “Creative Hands” art studio quickly made him a valued member. Soon after, he took part in community celebrations, retreats and weekly prayer nights.

During his time at L’Arche, Phillip gained the confidence and skills necessary to broaden his horizons. He was inspired by L’Arche “AsIAm” videos that showed “how diverse our communities are” which further intrigued him to travel. Thus, when he was given the opportunity to leave his group home and live with a host family, Philip was ready.

“My life has been going better; doing a lot of things. I like where I’m living.”

In 2017, Philip was chosen to represent L’Arche Hamilton in the L’Arche International meeting located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Philip showed compassion for members who did not receive their visas in time for the event and said, “that must be very painful for them and hard, not being able to travel.” In fact, prior to his arrival at L’Arche Hamilton, he had never left Ontario nor did he have a passport. After joining the L’Arche community, Phillip traveled to Quebec and also enjoyed a baseball game in Cleveland.

With the help of people at L’Arche, he was able to build mutual relationships, make his own informed decisions and establish the courage to try new things. This was just the beginning of his explorations – imagine the places he could visit in the years ahead.

You, our donors, are the key to uplifting and empowering core members, like Philip, who live in L’Arche communities around the world. Please donate now to help us transform the lives of those with intellectual disabilities.


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