Check Payment

Please make all cheques payable to "L'Arche Canada Foundation" and mail to:

300-10271 Yonge St
Richmond Hill, ON
L4C 3B5

As I’m sure you know, there can be a gap in society for people with intellectual disabilities.

In many local communities those with intellectual disabilities don’t have access to housing or social programs that are a comfortable fit. They can have a hard time building healthy relationships and finding activities designed for their needs.

No matter where they go or what they try, they don’t feel like they belong.

That’s what happened to Randy. He tried living in group homes but it never worked out. These homes gave him security but he wasn’t able to do his own cooking and cleaning. So Randy kept going back to live with his mom. At the same time, Randy was hanging out with a bad crowd and kept getting into trouble.

Randy was falling through the gap

And then, Randy discovered L’Arche. He got involved in some of the activities the L’Arche community provided through a drop-in for people with intellectual disabilities in the area. He found a safe place to belong, develop healthy relationships and share interests with new friends.

Randy had found a loving community that would help him be his best self.

While Randy began spending more time at the drop-in, he also watched as a new L’Arche building went up near his mother’s house. In addition to a new community centre, there would be several apartments available for semi-independent living.

Randy began to dream of living in one of the apartments. He imagined how wonderful it would be to have his own space while also having a connection with others — a dream come true.

Happily, Randy got his wish. L’Arche provided a place for him in a two-bedroom apartment with an older man, named Paul.

With the support of Yulia, an Assistant living in one of the apartments, the small group became a community, enjoying meals, activities and relaxation time together. They created a safe place to share what was good and what was hard in their lives.

In time, Randy noticed something was changing, changing for the better. He began to trust the others, make good choices and take responsibility for his life. Thanks to you, Randy is finally getting the chance to live the life he always wanted.

Now, Randy loves greeting people at the new community centre and cooking in his home for his friends. He takes pride that when Yulia is away he and the others look after each other.

Randy has become an ambassador for L’Arche. He hopes the community will build more apartments for people with intellectual disabilities that he knows in town. He wants others to benefit from the L’Arche supports and friendships that have helped him blossom and be his best self.

And so, during this blessed time of year, I ask you to please be generous. Your gift this Easter will fund vital outreach programs and help us open more urgently-needed spaces in our L’Arche homes, just like the one that has meant so much to Randy.

It will help us close the gap that exists in society and ensure more people like Randy have every opportunity to live the life they’ve always wanted.