Jean Vanier's L'Arche

In 1964, Jean Vanier left a life of prestige – university professor, retired naval officer, son of the Governor General of Canada – to make his home in a village in France with a few men he welcomed from an institution for persons with intellectual disabilities.

In time, Jean discovered that his companions were leading him to greater freedom and joy. They had much to offer to their communities and in creating a more just, vibrant and caring world. This was the foundation of the worldwide movement of L’Arche.

For over 50 years, Jean traveled the world, encountering many people and sharing what he was discovering in interviews, public talks and over 30 books. He became a leading voice on what it means to be human – with all our differences, strengths and limitations, and with our deep longing for unity, love, and belonging.

Although he lived most of his life in his beloved community of Trosly in France, Jean Vanier remained a Canadian at heart. His many visits over the years built lasting friendships, inspired many Canadians, and nurtured the growth of L’Arche communities from coast to coast that continue to build on his legacy.

“Genuine healing happens here, not in miraculous cures, but through mutual respect, care, and love. Paradoxically, vulnerability becomes a source of strength and wholeness, a place of reconciliation and communion with others.”

– Jean Vanier

The Jean Vanier Endowment Fund

In memory of Jean Vanier, and in order to continue to provide adequate funding to sustain Jean's vision of a better quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities, we have established “The Jean Vanier Endowment Fund”.

Established and housed by The L’Arche Canada Foundation, this Endowment Fund will provide L’Arche in Canada the financial security and steady income it needs to ensure our members will always have access to the quality of life they know from L’Arche.

We in L’Arche are committed to helping create an open, inclusive and compassionate Canadian society where every person is valued and can make a contribution. For over 50 years, the vision of L'Arche developed by celebrated humanitarian, Jean Vanier, has been kept alive with the help of thousands of people. Join us today, as we continue to promote a truly inclusive society within our communities and towards the wider society.

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